Sunday, March 27, 2016

Why is Fashion important

Why is fashion important? Fashion is important  because you a use always as way to express how you feel  through clothes and fashion art form.  If you bought yourself a new outfit that you look fantastic in your going to exude confident and feel very happy because you feel good in your new outfit. I think everyone should put more effort into their wardrobe, I’m not saying  go and get yourself dress up very elegant, but if you want to look  and feel amazing make the effort and dress up to feel happy and confident. Don’t just wear a jeans and tee add accessories to make the outfit pop. Fashion connects us in someway and you can always find inspiration anywhere not just on magazine


Top Matte Lipsticks

                                                              Lime Crime Veletines

The name of this product says it all its smooth like velet and its last long time its creamy and this product brings an array of colors from pinks to reds and greens to blues. The application of the lipstick is rather hard because you can't make  mistake cause taking it off is a pain in the butt!

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

I think this the most sought after matte lip product thats out there in the market, the website crashed due to heavy amount of traffic on the website, now I understand this product is smooth, creamy, rich, easy to apply lasts all night long, and  doesn't dry up or flake at all and the best part is the Vanilla smell it has.

As I mentioned in my previous post  I love Colourpop cosmetics because they are rich and the colors look amazing and they are amazing and great price!

Wardrobe Essentials

Do you ever wonder why most fashionistas or bloggers don't wear the same outfit twice or how one can mix a simple out fit ,but it looks very stylish that you put a lot of effort into that outfit. well here is why every girl and woman should have the following wardrobe essentials in their closet.

Plain White T-shirt

White T-shirt goes well with everything and its very chic and effortless you can put with a pair of jeans, skirt, and pants you would look put together just add accessories to complete the look

Black Blazer
Let's face it at one point in your life your going have to buy yourself a black blazer not to look stylish , but for potential job interviews you will be having once you graduate university. You can pair black blazer with almost anything. Pair a black blazer with a white tee and a pair of skinny jeans you have already simple look.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans can be worn day and night depending of course on the wash of the denim. Skinny Jeans provides an effortless look to any look and skinny jeans are very chic to any top you add to it especially when you add a pair of cute heels.

Their are many wardrobe essentials if you go to you find many ideas on get wardrobe essentials.

Spring Trends 70's Fashion

Spring!!! is here already and flowers are blooming, but you know what also Spring means new trends for fashion. One thing I noticed lately is the 70’s style is coming back in a big way. I’ve seen fashion bloggers post outfits with flare jeans, off the shoulder tops and clogs.  This is one of my favorite trends for Spring because it such effortless look and looks very chic and I can’t wait to try this trend out. I already have  a pair of flare jeans that are my favorite. I like anything that has to do with the 70’s especially the fashion and music.

This a Typical 70's fashion - Flare High-Waisted Jeans with a simple blouse or top and Retro  sunglasses and the outfit on the left is a simple shift dress with a pair of clogs everything from what I noticed from the 70's trend is earth-tone colors  like browns, greens and burgundies.

Top Vegan Beauty Products

I’ve been thinking about a lifestyle change and that change is to Vegetarian and transition to Vegan. Don’t worry this blog is not about stuffing Veganism down your throat, this actually about how I come across cruelty-free beauty products that you can actually find at stores without going on trip to Wholes Foods.

Pureology Shampoo

I discovered Purelogy shampoo one time when I was getting a hair cut , my stylist told me all the benefits of the Purelogy and how its cruelty-free a vegan product and of course earth-friendly. The product leaves your amazing and it  doesn’t dry out your hair. Ever since I’ve washed my hair with Purelogy I have not touched a drug store shampoo since then. The price point is expensive, but its worth it.  You can buy this product at local beauty supply store or  Amazon

ColourPop Matte Lipsticks

This lip product is amazing if into matte lips this product is for you. the application is easy and you won't make any mistakes cause of the applicator it just glides on through. The formula for this product is rich and very good, the product itself last awhile I only reapplied once through out the day and that day I was at Brunch eating and drinking. The great thing about Colourpop is they are also cruelty-free and another bonus is each lipstick is $6!!! thats an amazing price for quality lipstick. This product unfortunately is sold online only maybe in the future they open a brick and mortar store

 Me Bath Shower Sherbet
When you look at this product you think  its a carton of ice cream , but your wrong its actually a body scrub. This body scrub is really good and I will tell you why. The scrub itself is thick and doesn't have a gritty texture it feels like gummy paste but with sugar. if you ever tried a scrub you know none of them wash you  or you have to do the scrub and take a shower afterwards. Me! Bath scrub doubles as scrub and as shower gel. How? May you ask?  Well,  as you do the scrub the scrub will start lathering up and you gets soapy which great because it cuts your shower time in half. You can find Me! Bath at your local Target Stores.